MAS Stress Management Tips

The first month back to school can be exciting and challenging for young people and their care takers and having a plan in place can help everyone feel prepared to take on this transition. Here are a few points from our Meticulon Assessment Service Bundle to consider when managing stress: We recognize stress can affect […]

#SuccessStory: Time Management Success

Welcome to our #SuccessStory series where we share the journeys of neurodivergent individuals who have completed the Meticulon Assessment Service (MAS) program and how it has impacted their employment path. Today we’ll share how one individual engaged MAS, discovered time management was a key barrier to their long-term employment and how they refined their employability. […]

Diversity in Learning: Embracing Trial-and-Error

At Meticulon we recognize there are many ways to learn new skills. As we enter the back-to-school season, we wanted to share some tips on how to embrace the trial-and-error approach to learning. Often, we are taught to pass tests, earn good grades, and avoid making mistakes, however, this mindset can hinder our learning. When […]

Caleb’s #SuccessStory

You’ve heard us talk about the value of our Meticulon Assessment Service (MAS), but have you heard from one of our participants?  Listen to Caleb’s story and the success he found after engaging with MAS and our partner organization, Catalyst.  

Enhancing Businesses Through Inclusive Hiring: The Meticulon Advantage

Meticulon has been at the forefront of championing inclusive hiring practices for over ten years. Meticulon’s services provide businesses with diversity, equity, and inclusion training and education, as well as tailored recruitment services, coaching and mentorship. We’ve gathered insights from our employer partners to showcase how Meticulon’s services have positively impacted their businesses. Here’s some […]

#SuccessStory: A Journey to Effective Expression

We are sharing the success story of an individual with diverse abilities who expanded their employment skills after connecting with the MAS assessment program.   This person had not yet been exposed to tools to manage their nervousness, frustration and emotions in the workplace, and as a result they lost their job. The individual connected […]

#SuccessStory: The Accomplished Podcaster

With their permission, we would like to share the success story of an individual who expanded their employment skills after connecting with the MAS assessment program.   This person’s participation with MAS began when they experienced a job loss due to not understanding that their employer wanted them to go above and beyond their basic […]

Welcome to Meticulon Consulting: Where Inclusivity Drives Excellence

Welcome to Meticulon Consulting! We are thrilled to have you here to celebrate diverse abilities and promote inclusive employment practices. Since 2013, our mission has been to empower meaningful employment opportunities for autistic individuals, neurodiverse individuals and individuals with diverse abilities. We are also dedicated to partnering with socially conscious businesses invested in creating diverse, […]