Accelerating the employment path of individuals with diverse abilities

The Meticulon Assessment Service (MAS) Program bundle provides participants a customizable plan to achieve attainable employment goals.

What is MAS?

The Meticulon Assessment Service (MAS) Program bundle is an innovative tool that assesses the employability readiness of an individual with diverse abilities. 
It measures 12 employability skill categories to determine the employability of an individual. These employability skills are based on employment requirements provided to Meticulon by our employer partners.

What's the value?

The MAS Program bundle offers an efficient assessment and tracking tool that can be used in conjunction with other support tools for individuals with diverse abilities.
Our assessment process provides organizations, coaches and participants a baseline understanding of an individual’s readiness for employment.


This program helps individuals with diverse abilities expand their employability and life skills, often leading to training, employment, volunteering, and personal independence.



90% of MAS participants have gone on to receive employment training or pursued academic training.


Over 50% of MAS participants who achieve employment, retain long-term employment.


One third of participants who completed MAS achieved employment within six months.


The MAS Program bundle is a pre-employment program created to address the gap many people with diverse abilities face when beginning their employment journey, as they often have not had access to specific employment readiness supports that diverse ability individuals require to become employed. 
The MAS Program bundle assesses an individual’s employable skills and measures 12 employability skill categories to determine their employability in relation to what employers require of effective employees.
Meticulon’s research and development of the MAS Program bundle identified 12 essential employability skills, including perseverance, communication, and teamwork, as specified by employer partners.
The MAS Program bundle focuses on a strength-based approach to identify participants’ existing assets, quickly and efficiently.
Our assessment process allows participants to receive a clear understanding of their employable skills and how their strengths align with skills requested by employers. The MAS Program bundle is offered to youth 15-years-of-age and older.
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MAS Program bundle license subscriptions are available for organizations. 

Subscriptions include full program training for the hands-on assessment kit, and the software set-up and utilization.  


Participant evaluation & application process training  

Hands-on training for in-person skills assessment, evaluation, & grading process

Software tracking, mentor tool set-up, training, & ongoing support

Access to Meticulon’s skills training, mentorship, & employers network

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