Meticulon University

It is our vision to create Canada’s first nation-wide training center for people with autism. Met-U is focused on skill acquisition for autistic people looking to work in sectors where significant demand exists. Our approach will be hands-on and focused on applied learning. Graduates of our courses will come out ready to secure entry-level roles, launching them into a career path. 

We will use our unique assessment process to help candidates identify their skills, abilities, challenges, and strengths. With their roadmap, we will determine the support necessary for success and then select programs where their abilities meet their interests.  Students will receive both educational and interpersonal support as they work through their courses. Our focus will not be on pass or fail but instead on trial and learn, to foster an autism-sensitive learning environment. 

Met-U will be a remote learning and coaching environment. Our goal is to offer material in both English and French. We are aiming to launch Met-U in the near future.