#SuccessStory: A Journey to Effective Expression

We are sharing the success story of an individual with diverse abilities who expanded their employment skills after connecting with the MAS assessment program.  

This person had not yet been exposed to tools to manage their nervousness, frustration and emotions in the workplace, and as a result they lost their job. The individual connected with one of Meticulon’s partner organizations and participated in the MAS assessment program.

They worked with a coach to identify tools to improve the management of their emotions in their personal and professional life. As a result of their commitment to the program, the participant acquired effective communication skills to express their feelings and achieved many of their assessment goals.

The individual used their skills to apply and interview for a job opportunity and successfully attained employment. After completing the 12-week job contract, the participant was offered full-time employment and they credit the MAS program as a key component to their success.

Each individual participating in the MAS assessment leverages their unique strengths to succeed in their employment journey.

If you or someone you know could benefit from participating in the MAS program, connect with us today!

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