#SuccessStory: The Accomplished Podcaster

With their permission, we would like to share the success story of an individual who expanded their employment skills after connecting with the MAS assessment program.  

This person’s participation with MAS began when they experienced a job loss due to not understanding that their employer wanted them to go above and beyond their basic job duties.

They engaged with one of Meticulon’s partner organizations, participated in the MAS assessment and were able to identify that an area of growth for their employable skills was to focus on attending to the details of a task.

This individual was able to move away from solely focusing on finishing a task by concentrating on robust, fulsome completion of tasks and taking multiple reviews of how they could better complete assigned projects.

They have since moved on to a new endeavour and currently operate a successful podcast. 

Each individual participating in the MAS assessment leverages their unique strengths to succeed in their employment journey.

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