Meticulon Assessment Services

MAS is a powerful suite of easy-to-use tools and exercises which evaluate the skills, abilities, challenges, and strengths of each individual participant. With this roadmap, we point participants in the right direction for their unique education, employment, and/or life goals. It’s important to note that we can customize our tools to the specific needs of your program. For example, whether you’re an agency that helps with pre-employment prep or an agency that helps with life skills development, we can adapt MAS to meet your needs. Ask us how!

Agency or School

MAS has been a transformative tool used in supporting our participants’ success. We are confident that MAS can be just as powerful for your participants. Remember, we can adapt MAS to the unique needs of your program whether it’s a high school class working on employ ability skills or a social service agency with a cohort working on life skills, we’ve got you covered. 


Do you have a goal in mind but you’re not sure how to get there? By using our individualized coaching tool, we can help you identify and fill in those gaps so you can work/live/study in the way that you’d like to.


MAS is made to support your child’s education, employment, and independent living goals.

2022-2024 Alberta MAS Project

More info on our current project coming soon!