Alberta’s government is investing $10 million to help Albertans with disabilities

Have you heard? Jason Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services, announced yesterday at the #DEAM Idea Conference, that Alberta’s government is investing $10 million to help more Albertans with disabilities access #employment supports, tools and resources to gain new skills and rejoin the workforce.

“Everyone, regardless of the barriers they may face, should have the opportunity to learn valuable skills, explore interests and find meaningful work in their communities. This investment will not only help more people with disabilities find jobs, it will continue to build on the important work being done in Alberta by creating more inclusive, diverse and accessible workplaces,” said Minister Nixon.  

Funding allocations for the $10 million include:

– Prospect Human Services – $873,255
– Vecova – $672,590
– Gateway Association – $1,117,926
– Centre for Newcomers – $1,117,926
– WCG Services – $2,146,289
– Calgary Catholic Immigration Society – $703,854
– Goodwill Opportunity Accelerator Program – $1,609,490
– Goodwill Industries – $1 million
– CBI – $1,050,800
– Inclusion Foothills Association – $483,500    

Every October, in honour of Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM), community stakeholders and the Government of Alberta partner to deliver activities and events around the province that promote employment inclusion and increased participation of workers with disabilities in Alberta’s economy.  

As DEAM 2023 winds down, Minister Nixon’s announcement is incredible news.  

To learn more about the $10 million investment to help more Albertans with disabilities access employment supports visit, Helping Albertans with disabilities enter the workforce |