Overcoming Communication Hurdles

With their permission, we would like to share the success story and journey of “Elle”, a former MAS participant.

Elle had faced sporadic employment for many years and encountered barriers to retaining jobs. Despite finding temporary positions, she consistently faced layoffs. Seeking assistance, Elle joined the MAS program to receive support navigating traditional workplace environments and to secure part-time work or volunteer opportunities. 

Upon entry to the MAS program, Elle expressed that she enjoyed casual, unscripted customer service interactions, however, she found scripted customer service interactions challenging.  

The MAS assessment identified Elle’s primary employment barrier as communication and adhering to specific workplace discourse and scripts. Additionally, her individual communication cadence, influenced by being neurodivergent, posed potential challenges for those unfamiliar with her communication style.

Throughout the MAS program, Elle expanded her employability skills in active listening, concentration, and self-advocating. After completing the program, Elle displayed remarkable retention of new communication skills. 

Subsequently, Elle seized an interview opportunity where she confidently advocated for herself during the interview process. She proactively communicated her specific communication style to the hiring team before the interview, paving the way for a positive outcome.

Elle achieved her goal of securing a volunteer opportunity, marking a triumphant milestone in her MAS program journey. Her story is a shining example of perseverance and personal growth.