Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024

At Meticulon, we are proud to support Neurodiversity Celebration Week, a time dedicated to recognizing the strengths and diversity of neurological differences among individuals. As part of our commitment to inclusivity, we are thrilled to share the perspective of one of our valued team members, Tim, who identifies as Autistic.

Tim has created a four-part series sharing his insightful thoughts on the value of skill authenticity and how it relates to neurodiverse individuals in the workplace. Check out his series, Progress Through Neurodiversity, at

Part 1 – Skill Authenticity

Part 2 – Your Authentic Self

Part 3 – Authenticity and the Myth of “Unskilled Jobs”

Part 4 – Employees and Employers: Finding a Good Fit

As we continue to champion inclusion, we invite you to join us in celebrating Neurodiversity Celebration Week and reflecting on the value of skill authenticity and recognizing the value of every individual in the workplace.