#SuccessStory: Time Management Success

Welcome to our #SuccessStory series where we share the journeys of neurodivergent individuals who have completed the Meticulon Assessment Service (MAS) program and how it has impacted their employment path.

Today we’ll share how one individual engaged MAS, discovered time management was a key barrier to their long-term employment and how they refined their employability.

Before joining MAS, this individual was unaware of the challenges they faced with time management. Despite possessing the necessary skills for their roles, they struggled with punctuality, often arriving late for work and breaks. This inconsistency overshadowed their potential to be a dependable employee.

Through MAS, they realized they possessed many employability skills required by employers, but that time management was an area of growth. With their coach’s guidance, they explored the reasons behind these challenges and devised a plan to enhance their time management skills.

During the MAS process, an exciting opportunity arose – an interview. Equipped with newfound information and awareness, the individual concentrated their efforts on enhancing time management skills for the interview and beyond.

As a result, they arrived early for the interview, felt confident, had a positive meeting, and secured the job! They have consistently arrived on time since starting their new job, setting an encouraging tone for their employment journey.

This success story highlights the effectiveness of MAS and how it guides participants to take the next steps towards obtaining and maintaining employment.

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