The Great Equalizer Project: A ‘MAS’ Success

We’re excited to share the success of the Great Equalizer Project, which was a partnership between Autism Society Alberta and Meticulon. This initiative has significantly impacted supported employment solutions for Alberta youth with Autism and other disabilities.

Central to this project was the Meticulon Assessment Service (MAS), which played a crucial role in fostering employability and life skills for youth with diverse abilities.

Of the Great Equalizer Project participants surveyed:

90% of participants were placed in academic or employment training.

84% of participants said the MAS program positively impacted their life.

77% of participants said they learned new skills.

Here are a few quotes from participants regarding their experience with the MAS program and the Great Equalizer Project:

“I have faced my shyness and became more confident. It has shown me how to approach people without being shy. I’m really glad I joined. I’m still waiting to gain more confidence.”

“I feel as though I am beginning to make progress with life, and while it has been slow, it feels like I am actually getting help in moving forward.”

“I enjoyed the community, it felt more like a support group.”

“I liked that it wasn’t as serious or mundane as I thought it would be. The advice wasn’t generalized, and it had specific tips.”

“I liked that I learned what Autism looks like in the workplace and that I’m not stupid.”

“I liked that it was a group of people so I could hear about other people’s situations.”

MAS empowers individuals by offering comprehensive employability assessments and personalized plans, which often lead to training, employment, volunteering, and personal independence.

Our regional partners, including Autism Society of the RMWB, Autism Edmonton, Autism Calgary, and Catalyst Works, have been essential to the project’s reach and success.

Special thanks to Autism Society Alberta for their steadfast support, together we’ve made a lasting impact.